Lecture on Faith and Patriotism of Mihajlo Pupin

  1. Lemma
  2. Predavanje o veri i patriotizmu Mihajla Pupina
  3. Serbian
  4. Predavanje o Mihajlu Pupinu u Sabornoj crkvi u Nišu
  5. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
  6. Co-existence
  7. 12-11-2018
  8. Lecture on Faith and Patriotism of Mihajlo Pupin in Niš Orthodox Cathedral
  9. Južne vesti
    1. Centre for Church Studies (International organization)
    2. Ninković, Tašić Aleksandra
  10. Pupin, Mihajlo
  11. 18-10-2016
    1. The Centre for Church Studies, Diocese of Niš, and the Cultural Club “Crnjanski” organized a lecture on the 18th  of October 2016,  upon the theme “Faith and Patriotism of Mihajlo Pupin”.

      As the president of the educational-scientific society Mihajlo Pupin, the author of the exhibition “Mihajlo Pupin: From Physical to Spiritual Reality” opened in September 2015 at the Museum of History in Belgrade and was visited by more than 12,000 people, as well as the proponent of the scientific work of Pupin and the religious dimension in his work, Aleksandra Ninković Tašić, was invited to deliver a lecture on Mihajlo Pupin at Niš Orthodox Cathedral – the Holy Trinity Cathedral.