Vladimir Vujić and Saint Savaism

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  4. Uloga Vladimira Vujića u oblikovanju ideologije svetosavlja (en)
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  7. 09-11-2018
  8. Dimitrijevic, Vladimir [Author]. The Role of Vladimir Vujić in Shaping the Ideology of Saint Sava's Vision of Orthodoxy
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  11. 09/11/2018
    1. Vladimir Vujić (1886, Belgrade – 1951, Rio de Janeiro), co-author (with Prvoš Slankamenac) of the vitalist and pragmatist manifesto “Novi humanizam” (“New Humanism”) and author of “Sputana i oslobođena misao” (“Thought Held Captive and Liberated”), was a Serbian philosopher of technology. He was one of the first to point at the impacts of technology. The author of the paper traces the thought of Vujić who was a student of a great mathematician Mihailo Petrović – Alas and a prominent historian of nature Božidar Knežević. Influenced by their scientific-philosophical views Vujić evolved from adhering to the ideas of Henri Bergson and William James, through acceptance of Oswald Spengler's historiography, to embracing the Christian thought and ideology of “Saint-Savaism” which Nikolaj Velimirović explained as “the Orthodoxy of Serbian style and experience”.

      In the ascend of technology and atheism in the communist thought, Vladimir Vujić perceived the authentic way out in Orthodox Christian spirituality. In his age, he perceived the increasing striving for knowledge as the means for power, instead of obtaining it so as to serve to God. In this essay, author deals with Vladimir Vujić’s influences in formative days of “Saint-Savaism” ideology, especially in his work “Back to Sava as a Saint”. In his perception of technology, Vujić found stronghold in Saint Savaism as the authentic undertaking of ascending Orthodoxy as an existential, effective, and authentic principle of understanding the Universe.