Milutin Milankovic and Saint Sava

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  4. Милутин Миланковић и Свети Сава (en)
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  7. 08-11-2018
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  11. 08/11/2018
    1. Radio “Svetigora” is a global radio of the Serbian Orthodox Christian, which started its mission with the blessing of His Highness Patriarch Irinej of Serbian Orthodox Church. Thе focus of this radio show was to present the life and work of Milutin Milankovic as a paragon of science.

      In the interview, the guest was Dr. Aleksandar Petrovic, professor at the Multidisciplinary Doctoral Studies at the University of Belgrade, where he teaches the only University course dedicated to Milankovic – Anthropology of climate and theory of Milutin Milankovic.

      Following the line of his personal and scientific progress, professor traced how Milankovic became one of the most significant scientists of our age. Providing examples from the scientist’s life, he implied that Mlankovic did not allow anyone to write about him, but he himself wrote approximately thousand pages of autobiography where we may directly observe not only the progress of his scientific thought but the development of his personality. Professor Petrovic accentuated the ethical principles of Milutin Milankovic that led him to such great accomplishments, stating that ethics maps onto the cognitive energy and scientific attainment.

      This examples from the scientist’s life and work testified to the unison of different aspects in Milankovic’s personality that penetrated his thoughts and metamorphosed his understanding of the structure of cosmos. The interviewee thus did not approach Milankovic in a technical way, but perceived the very nature of his personality. Professor analysed the personality of Milankovic from his early age so as to notice the strongholds of his scientific success. Tracing how his father and teacher upbrought him to be a man guided by ethical principles, he compared Milutin Milankovic to Saint Sava, the most important figure in Orthodox Church. Milankovic, like Saint Sava before him, rejected the material forms of life and turned to science and sublimacy of one’s life. He left a successful career of an engineer in Vienna and spent his time as a University professor in Belgrade. Professor Petrovic emphasized how Milankovic understood the essence of connection which may be understood as  undogmatic, true religion. He transcended the role of a scientist, like Saint Sava transcended his state of a prince by leaving the royal court and turning to the way of Orthodoxy. That is why according to professor, Serbian culture may be put between two canons – Canon of Insolation by Milankovic and Nomocanon by Saint Sava, thus building a bridge effectively connecting science and religion.