The responsibility of man as a mediator between world and God

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  2. Отговорността на човека като посредник между света и Бога
  3. Bulgarian
  4. Nachev, Ivaylo
  5. Ecology and the environment
  6. 30-10-2018
  7. Тонева, Клара [Author]. Отговорността на човека като посредник между света и Бога
  9. ecological crisis - Bigovic, Radovan
    1. The article discussed negative side effects of scientific development focusing on the ecological crisis that is seen as a major threat to the human civilization. The author highlighted that the Orthodox Church opposes human attempts to fully control and dominate the nature. The article supported its position by a number of quotes of Biblical passages and a reference to Serbian theologian Radovan Bigović. The idea for scientific/technical progress itself is not denied but it should incorporate Christian attitude towards man and nature, whilst science should be in harmony with those striving for human creativity. The current ecological crisis is seen as a clash between two cultures, one scientific/technical and another humanitarian culture. Being part of a global ecological system, a main responsibility of people is the careful treatment of all living creatures. This responsibility stems from the special position that man occupies in the Christian anthropology. Although the Orthodox Church has no ready answers to many of the major world problems it supports and encourages the ecological