Russian faith and Russian philosophy

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  2. Русская вера и русская философия
  3. Russian
  4. Saprykin, Dmitry
  5. Culture and national identities
  6. 2013
  7. Казин Александр Леонидович [Author]. Russian faith and Russian philosophy
  8. Альманах "Метапарадигма"
  9. faith and knowledge
    1. According to the author, the main substantive principle of Russian philosophy is the refusal of believing mind of transcendental or any other self-justification, thanks to which he supports ontological (and thanks to it also ethical and aesthetic) unity with the divine being. Russian metaphysical act - the exit of consciousness beyond its own limits - is the feat of  personal love and faith, not an indication of rational reason forcing the mind to do just that, and not another choice. Developing your interpretation of being in the light of the divine presence, Russian Christian philosophy is neither a "parallel theology," addressed to the Name, nor a rational science operating with an impersonal scheme. In all three of their key incarnations - onto-gnoseological, onto-anthropological and onto-symbolic - Russian philosophy recognizes the conditional (limited) nature of intellectual representation of the infinite in the finite.