Bible and ecology: the beginning of ecology

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  2. Biblija i ekologija: poceci ekologije
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  4. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
  5. Ecology and the environment
  6. 16-10-2016
  7. Milosev, S. Dragisa [Author]. Science and Bible: the Pulse of Planet Earth. 71–87, Bible and ecology
  8. Science and Bible: the Pulse of Planet Earth - Novi Sad: Udruzenje za zdrav stil zivota ,,Eden", 2013.
    1. Milosev, S. Dragisa
  9. religion and ecology
    1. The book "Science and Bible: the Pulse of Planet Earth" represents an ecological account on the condition of Planet Earth and ways to think about the natural environment. The author sees a multitude of problems regarding the environment, and pollution is one of the major ones. Such a terrible condition of the natural environment, according to the author, needs urgent solution; thereby, the author searches it in the Bible.

      In the fourth part of the book "Science and Bible: the Pulse of Planet Earth", “Bible and ecology”, the author claims that everything explained by the science today has already been told in the Bible – from the fact that the Earth is of round-like shape, to the water and air circulation and the like. Science, according to the author, only confirms what has been said before. Further on, there are Biblical examples provided so as to prove how contemporary the Bible is. The author claims that God has created land and plants since it is still difficult for science to understand the secrets of ecosystem, for it is not in the man’s competency. Hence, the author considers the Bible to be a scientific book only if we decide to read what is written in it. Thereby, it is further claimed that although ecology was established in the 20th century, people from the Bible were aware of it as well. For instance, Noah had the duty to protect and preserve all living beings. In that sense, the author warns that the first duty given by the Creator to the people was to take care of the Planet they lived on.

      Although the book "Science and Bible: the Pulse of Planet Earth" is written by a scientist and addresses the contemporary problem of ecology, the author relies on the Bible so as to accentuate the necessity of ecological consciousness awakening. Therefore, the book represents one of the rare cases of considering the problem of ecology and searching for solution on the ground of Biblical themes. So far, the problem has been discussed very often, but purely from the scientific point of view, especially by utilizing new technologies that would help clean the ecosystem. The book by professor Milosev thus stands as a unique example of searching for religious solutions and opens up possibilities of finding Biblical paradigms of ecosystem salvation.