"Biblical Anthropocentrism" and Christian Foundations of Human-Nature Relationships

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  2. «Библейский антропоцентризм» и христианские основания взаимоотношений человека и природы
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  4. Saprykin, Dmitry
  5. Ecology and the environment
  6. 26-10-2012
  7. Мумриков, Олег A. [Author]. "Biblical Anthropocentrism" and Christian Foundations of Human-Nature Relationships
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  9. Зеньковский Василий, протоиерей - Bible - interpretations - Social Conception of Russian Orthodox Church
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    1. 'Any attempt to understand the causes of current environmental crisis of the recent decades, unfortunately, become more tendentious when it comes to the Christian or Biblical roots of anthropocentric European culture' notes Father Oleg Mumrikov. How justified is the accusation against Christianity in reality?

      'The cause of the ecological crisis is not the Christian doctrine and world view' according to the author, but on the contrary: either the departure from those spiritual and moral values or institutions that the Church preaches, or their indifferent declaration, which has nothing in common with real life in Christ, that is the pernicious transition from Christocentrism to secular anthropocentrism. The Biblical and patristic teachings assert that the world was definitely created, not for the sake of man, but for God-manhood', highlights Mumrikov.