On the faith and knowledge

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  2. О вере и знании
  3. Russian
  4. Saprykin, Dmitry
  5. Co-existence
  6. 1995
  7. Кураев Андрей диакон [Author]. О вере и знании
  8. О вере и знании : On the faith and knowledge
  9. faith and knowledge
    1. https://azbyka.ru/o-vere-i-znanii-kuraev
    1. One of the myths implanted in modern religious studies, accoding to the author Deacon Andrey Kuraev, is connected with the concept of "faith": They say, faith is the lot for the weak; better to know than to believe. The work contains many arguments that reveal the fallacy of this point of view. The reader is expected to get acquainted with the judgments of a number of well-known thinkers, among them Cassirer, Heidegger, Ortega y Gasset, Hume, Kant, Scheller, S. Frank, V. Lossky. The views of Orthodox fathers are represented in the person of St. Macarius of Egypt, st. Gregory the Theologian, rev. Isaac the Syrian, St. Seraphim of Sarov, St. Augustine, and others.