The scientific creationism and its prospects in our country

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  2. Научният креационизъм и има ли той почва у нас
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  4. Nachev, Ivaylo
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  6. 11-06-2018
  7. Чипев, Константин [Author]. Научният креационизъм и има ли той почва у нас
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    1. The author made an oveview of channels through which creationism has been spread in Bulgaria, something which he defined as a tendency that some religious beliefs are being presented as science. The publication of the article followed a resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe from 2007 which advised against attempts creationism to be taught at schools as a scientific discipline.

      Analyzing the overall creationist positions in the county, Chipev commented among others on the book “Evolution or creation”, a work co-authored by a Bulgarian scholar, which copied in his opinion outdated statements from various other creationist books. The mentioned work picked up arguments from various disciplines – cosmology, thermodynamics, paleontology – in which the authors are not specialized and thus their statements must not be taken for granted. According to the Chipev, the underlying problem with creationism is that the Bible is accepted as a credible source of knowledge for reconstruction of the origins of life.         

      Chipev, making a short overview of the historical development of creationism in the USA, characterized the scientific creationism as an offspring of a twentieth-century Christian fundamentalism, which might have had some noble goals but at the same it wrongly attacked the Darwin theory as a source of widespread atheism.  In his opinion, the Darwin theory are wrongly ascribed all sins of Nazism, Communism and the overall decay of moral in society. The author also pointed that the proponents of the so called “scientific” creationism do not publish in scientific journals and expand the field to metaphysics.  

      Chipev warned that the parallel teaching at schools of creationism and evolutionary theory will erode general credibility of sciences as creationism clashes with main fundaments of the natural sciences. However, the author argued that creationism is not the only alternative to secularism as people can believe in divine laws without having problems with the Darwin theory, and this is also the position of main denomination, including Roman Catholicism.

      The author also presented an overview of the fundaments of the evolutionary theory, including its development, some misinterpretations, limitations and currents within the theory itself.   

      Chipev concluded that creationism is bad theology which is supported by ill informed and superficially thinking believers who seek proves of God’s presence at the wrong place.