Scientific creationism – science or religion?

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  2. Научният креационизъм – наука или религия?
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  4. Nachev, Ivaylo
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  6. Иванов, Николай [Author]. Scientific creationism – science or religion?
  8. Evolution - Creationism - Henry M. Morris
    1. The article made a parallel overview of several central points of the evolutionist and the creationist paradigm. 

      It constitutes an attempt to present creationism by scientific means and vocabulary. The author argued creationism is gaining popularity in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin wall, most notably the evolutionary-creationist debate focusing the attention in Russia. In his opinion “scientific creationism” can develop its potential by focusing more on hypotheses rather on predefined answers. Creationism is driven not only by religious feeling but also by gaps in the evolutionary theory and vagueness of some of its elements. The author also commented on the support of some political circles in the USA, which together with backing from “religious fanatics” limits the spread of scientific creationism in scientific circles. He referred as well to Henry M. Morris’ book “Scientific Creationism” as “the best book written so far on the questions of creationism”, and provided an extensive overview of main ideas and arguments of this work. Yet, Ivanov disagreed with Morris’ statement that scientific theories should be adapted with the Bible’s teaching which would bring it closer to religion and increase distances from science. In that regard other supporters of scientific creationism, like Robert Schadewald  (quoted article “Scientific Creationism and Error”) offer a better interpretation.        

      Evolutionism has backing by the majority of the scientific community and it is though at schools and universities. A certain drawback is the dogmatic approach of some of its supporters. Also, in contrast with the tolerant approach towards races nowadays early evolutionists were much less tolerant. According to the author by competition between “two alternative theories” could benefit biology and other sciences related with evolution.