Correlating Hexameron and science: the problem of two vectors of time

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  2. Соотнесение Шестоднева и науки: проблема двух векторов времени
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  4. Saprykin, Dmitry
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  6. 13-01-2014
  7. Иваненков Василий [Author]. Correlating Hexameron and science: the problem of two vectors of time
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  9. Time - Hexameron
    1. In the published work of Vasiliy Ivanenkov, an alternative model for correlating scientific information on the Earth and the Universe history with the doctrine of the world creation was proposed as an operational hypothesis. The model is based on the idea of time as the "axis" of cause-effect relationships and the recognition of different quality of time vectors of the primordial world and the fallen.

      According to the author, the erroneous premise of the concepts of theistic evolution and creationism is to unite the time of primordial world and the time of the fallen world into one vector. Such an assumption seems unlawful in connection with different quality of time as a vector of cause-effect relationships, in a perishable and imperishable world. In perishable existence of the fallen world, cause-effect relationships obey the second law of thermodynamics and are realized in a vector of time, the direction of which coincides with the direction of increasing disorder, or entropy.

      Qualitatively to other cause-effect relations of the primordial imperishable world there corresponds a vector of time with a different orientation and dimension. "The curse of the earth," "slavery to corruption" means in Ivanenkov's model subordination of the creature to the second law of thermodynamics and establishment of a time vector in the increasing entropy direction, which encloses geological and paleontological chronicle. The proposed model is in agreement with the biblical narrative and scientific ideas about the age of the Earth and the Universe in billions of years.