Culturology is a science for theologians

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  2. Культурология — наука для богословов
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  7. Доброхотов Александр [Author]. Culturology is a science for theologians
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    1. In this interview, Dobrokhotov talks about the paradigms of the dialogue between philosophy and theology and the need for cultural studies of theology.

      According to the author, there is a certain incompatibility of theology and philosophy. Truths of revelation are not designed to improve this world, and philosophy as a whole is focused on finding a place for a person in this world. "The world can be denied, but when denying I understand that I exist in this world. It turns out that in addition to Christian knowledge a second point of view on the world is needed. It is dialogue that denotes relationship between different actors, because when everything is the same, you may remain silent - there is no problem," Dobrokhotov argues.

      Culture, according to the author's opinion, is two legitimate realities that a person must investigate. "Below" - the laws of nature, and "above" - the laws of Heaven. In addition, people themselves generate objects, values, and these values come into independent relations with each other, which a person must also learn, correct, agree or disagree.

      Thus, in the author’s words, we are dealing with the embodiment of value that, from the moment of its incarnation, is out of our control. Therefore, we need to know the laws of creativity objectification and of interweaving of its products into integrity. While understanding the laws of the value embodiment, we understand culture.

      Since Christianity is religion of the incarnate Word, Christians are faced with the task of "taking care of the highest embodied sense, because the Word became flesh, and therefore became defenseless. We are obliged to serve this story of the Incarnation.  It turns out that we can’t do it without cultural studies." "It is a strict duty of Christians to understand the mechanism of culture, and this does not at all contradict the scientific objectivity."