Cloning: Orthodox answer to the next challenge of dehumanization

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  2. Клонирование: православный ответ на очередной вызов дегуманизации
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  4. Saprykin, Dmitry
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  6. 18-02-2018
  7. Агафангел, игумен (Гагуа) [Author]. Cloning: Orthodox answer to the next challenge of dehumanization
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    1. The author of the article discusses the ethical problem of cloning from the Orthodox theology point of view. "Orthodox Church, with the support of doctrinal truths of Orthodoxy, unequivocally and uncompromisingly opposes any biological and biomedical experiments that invade the world of living nature and human body violating its organic unity", the author writes.

      Biomedical technologies used as an instrument of humane medical care for people suffering from various diseases are undoubtedly desirable. However, they often become, from the author's point of view, a means of escape from God and a denial of His Divine nature, a means of invading the Divine plan for the world, a desire to replace God with man, theomachical in essence, - and this, of course, is a ruinous affair.

      The Orthodox Church is not against progress, scientific ideas and discoveries. "God commands man to investigate the natural world and the universe", as the author argues. "However, Faustian, according to Spengler, unrestrained and graceless knowledge for the sake of knowledge itself leads to theomachism, the denial of the good Providence of man and world."

      From the point of view of Orthodox consciousness, such genetic modeling and experimental manipulation of human life as cloning is reprehensible and can not be justified by any high scientific goals. The author believes that "one should take the idea of genetic programming as a demonic obsession. In this idea there is a clear demonization of scientific achievements and their infernal aspect is manifested. "