Hexameron and science: the problem of accordance or the crisis of meeting?

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  2. Шестоднев и наука: проблема согласования или кризис встречи?
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  4. Saprykin, Dmitry
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  7. Сошинский Сергей [Author]. Hexameron and science: the problem of accordance or the crisis of meeting?
  8. Вся премудростию сотворил еси. Труды семинара ПСТГУ "Наука и вера" : "In wisdom hast thou made them all"
  9. mega-time
    1. http://www.bogoslov.ru/persons/2520800/index.html
    1. The article author reflects on the possibility of bringing together the Hexameron patristic interpretation and the scientific data on the world origin. Soshinsky considers the tip of the "reconciliation problem" in the conflict between the literal Hexameron content and the fact of the mega-time established by science. He lists the logically possible ways of resolving the conflict, dwelling on two of them - a model of Christian evolutionism and a neo-creationist approach, showing the difficulties of both ways.

      The author considers mega-time (that is, the time counted in millions and billions of years) to be an irrevocable fact established by modern science, confirmed by a vast array of direct and indirect data and not to be subject to revision without the destruction of science itself.

      The author speaks about the unpreparedness of our modern religious consciousness to radically solve the problem of reconciling (or correlation) between Hexameron and science and the need to be able to live in this situation with this problem, continuing to be believers and at the same time active scientists, and also the need to avoid open conflict and confrontation of the parties.

      "We need to understand the emerging problem situation as one of the forms of the modern man meeting with God, a meeting that cannot avoid someone’s own internal drama ... Only from the depth of the position that does not simplify the situation, one can hope to eventually understand its authenticity and take steps towards solving the problem," - the author writes.