Biogenetic technologies in the light of the Orthodox doсtrine

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  2. Биогенетические технологии в свете православного вероучения
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  4. Saprykin, Dmitry
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  6. 13-03-2018
  7. Агафангел, игумен (Гагуа) [Author]. Biogenetic technologies in the light of the Orthodox doсtrine
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    1. One of the most controversial issues in terms of ethics is the possibility of editing the human genome. The scientific community as a whole, perceives such an opportunity as positive, observing it initially as a field, for new achievements, and secondly, for improving the quality of human life.

      The Orthodox Church does not interfere with the strictly medical issues and scientific aspects of genetic research, but it gives them an ethical assessment when the consequences of their applied use relate to human destinies, the society spiritual and moral state, or conflict with the doctrinal truths of Christianity.

      To point out the danger of certain scientific and experimental practices in the field of genetic therapy, expressed in indefinite status of medical and biological phenomena or in destructive effects of such experiments for human nature - this is the goal of the church's doctrinal and ethical evaluation, the author assumes.