The whole nation is proud of Y.A. Gagarin and S. P. Korolev

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  2. Именами Ю.А.Гагарина и С.П.Королева гордится весь народ
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  6. 18-05-2018
  7. Васильевич, Александр [Author]. Именами Ю.А.Гагарина и С.П.Королева гордится весь народ
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    1. <p>Васильевич, Александр (2010). Именами Ю.А.Гагарина и С.П.Королева гордится весь народ. <em>Русская Беседа. </em>Retrieved from:<em> </em><a href=""></a> </p>
    1. The article states that currently in Russia, the “glorious pages of its history”, including its space program, often become the object of falsifications. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin recently pointed this out at a meeting of the Organizing Committee preparing the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the flight of Yuri Gagarin. Putin said that in Russia it was possible to buy books and educational computer programs for children, “in which there [was] not a single word about either the first satellite launch or the Gagarin flight.” According to Putin, the achievements of the American space industry were much better promoted. Meanwhile, President Dmitry Medvedev pointed to the role of promoting the achievements of domestic rocket and space technology in the patriotic education of youth, without which it is impossible to fulfill the tasks of modernization.

      The Russian Orthodox Church’s clergy shares this opinion. Archpriest Sergiy Makhonin, rector of the Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit in the village of Pervomaisky , in the Narofominsky district, and director of the Moscow Orthodox Gymnasium named after John the Theologian, believes that it is very important to convey to the younger generation those “romantic ideals that were so important for several generations” - space conquest and scientific discoveries. He pointed out that all Russian people should be proud of cosmonauts Gagarin and Korolev, and their heroism and selfless devotion to the cause need to be promoted in every possible way so that they are not replaced by the fictional heroes of Star Wars.

       Archpriest Artemy Skripkin, head of the department for youth affairs of the St. Petersburg diocese and rector of the church of Peter and Paul at the Russian State Pedagogic University, noted that although space discovery was initiated by the Soviet atheist regime, its scientific basis was “the fruit of the work of a deeply Christian civilization.” He also stressed that Gagarin was a believer and that his feat was accompanied by God's Providence and God's blessing. At the same time Archpriest Artemy warned against “idolizing” the cosmonauts and their achievements as, according to him, “science will always perform only a technological function” and “cannot replace the main thing in a person’s life - meeting with God.”

      Priest Pavel Grachev, rector of the Holy Trinity Church in the village of Makeiha of the Ruza district, noted that since Russia does not have an integral state program for the development of Russian science and technology, the information on scientific and technological achievements, including space exploration, is often a matter of education within families, rather than in public educational institutions. The priest Alexy Agapov, rector of the Mikhailo-Arkhangelsk church in the city of Zhukovsky is quoted as saying that it is also important “to arrange meetings of children with living heroes as often as possible.” Such meetings with cosmonauts and test pilots have already taken place in the Zhukovsky Orthodox gymnasium.