Missionaries Carried out a Mass Baptism of Soldiers of the Cosmodrome "Plesetsk"

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  2. Миссионеры совершили массовое крещение солдат космодрома «Плесецк»
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  7. Миссионеры совершили массовое крещение солдат космодрома «Плесецк»
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  9. Cosmonaut - missionary activity - Russian Orthodox Church - Space exploration
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    1. The article dwells on the missionary activity of the Russian Orthodox Church in the army. The author highlights the missionary visit to the Plesetsk space centre of a delegation of teachers and students of the Orthodox St. Tikhon Humanitarian University. The trip was organized by Archpriest Artemy from the Archangel Michael temple in Mirny. He has been organizing such missionary trips for eight years.

      The five-day program of 2011 included concerts and talks by the priests, followed by baptism or confessions for those soldiers who wished to embrace Orthodox Christianity. Divine Liturgy was also held. In total, almost 1200 people attended the talks, 99 of them were baptized, 240 confessed. Priest Dimitry Lin, one of the members of the delegation, mentioned that he did not expect such massive interest on the part of soldiers. He also said that the missionary trip became a revelation for him: it turned out that eighty percent of all soldiers were Orthodox, ie baptized. He pointed out however that they were ignorant of the basics of Orthodox faith and did not know how to worship. Priest Dimitry thus stressed the importance of thorough educational work.

      Archpriest Artemy is quoted as being satisfied with the missionary work. One of the fruits of this work is the appearance of so-called house churches on the cosmodrome. Since 2009, temples have appeared in the training centre of space troops and at the aerodrome of the cosmodrome.