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  7. 30-11-2017
  8. Stojković, Biljana [Author]. The Attack of the Creationists – Again!
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    1. Stojković, Biljana
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  11. 30/11/2017
    1. The author initially points out that 21th century Serbia battles with clairvoyants, shamans, preachers, pseudoscientists and the like. Additionally, she finds it difficult to believe that in the era of new solar systems discoveries, revealing the secrets of subatomic particles, solar travels in short intense accumulation of incredible discoveries for which science merely is accountable, inquisition towards science at schools is still live. However, she acknowledges that is the Serbian case.

      Thereby, Stojkovic traces when it all began again. On the 4th of May, the public was met with a “Petition for the Revision of the Theory of Evolution at Schools and Faculties”. In fact, it was presented to public after being sent to the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development, Committee for Education, Science, and Technological Development of the Parliament of Republic of Serbia, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and the Senates of the Universities in Serbia. Reason for the stirring of the creationists in Serbia is the policy of the educational sector towards contemporizing of science in the educational system, that is, matching curricula with the adopted strategies of education. Therefore, from the author’s perspective, now is a crucial moment – either education will be based founded on contemporary scientific foundations, or we would choose the path backwards, to retrograde, unscientific, biblical visions of the world. 

      The author than states that “our creationists however claim not to be creationists”. On the other side, in the petition they do mention intelligent creator, biblical understanding of the creation of life, criticize the unconcern of science regarding religious questions.

      Stojkovic further states that the main argument of the creationists is that all the processes in nature are so complex that some “intelligent creator” must have created all. Molecular biology has however managed to understand all the evolutionary changes in the genetic material and molecular mechanisms which enabled gradual structural complexness. The gradual evolution and “history of origin” have therefore been scientifically reconstructed.

      However, from the author’s standpoint, this cannot shake science itself. Without science, it is not possible to understand any process. Even scientists, who are also creationists, apply scientific methodology in their research, but when it comes to the origin or evolution, they seem to forget all those principles and evoke certain peculiar mechanisms, unknown creators and mystical intelligent beings.

      According to the author, the real danger of creationism is when it comes to education. Shaping the worldview of the children depends on how the world is represented to them. If there is no reason, logic, and critical thought in their perspective on natural phenomena, they would become citizens perceiving supernatural beings to be the ones who would solve the problems.

      The author also tries to scientifically explain the drawbacks of the Petition initiated. In that sense, it is claimed that the petition shows lack of knowledge and information, particularly with regard to molecular biology. They perceive evolutionary biologists as financed to spread atheism, devalue traditional moral and endanger religious unity. However, the author finally claims that Serbian scientific community would always defend science, regardless of the attacks by the creationists. All scientific and educational institutions agree on that, according to the author. It is not limited to evolution merely; it is about defending science in general. After all, in her opinion it is about preserving one’s common sense.  Republic of Serbia is a secular country and thus it must stay, concludes Stojkovic.