Priests – Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute (MEPhI) graduates

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  2. Священники – выпускники МИФИ
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  7. Священники – выпускники МИФИ
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  9. Russian Orthodox Church - Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute (MEPhI) - Scientific research - orthodox priests
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    1. The article states that there are many Orthodox Christians among the graduates of the Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute (MEPhI) who were involved in scientific research before becoming priests. The article details their biographies.

      Hieromonk Dmitri Zakharov, graduated in 1954, became a monk in 1991 after working in nuclear physics for decades. Protoiereus Igor Andreev, graduated in 1971, became a priest in 1994 after working in science as well. Clergy members such as hegumen Rona (graduate of 1971), priest Gurilev (graduate of 1980), protoiereus Vladimir Sakharov (graduate of 1981) and a dozen other of today’s priests came to the Church after careers in science.

      Other examples include Hieromonk Rodion (Larionov) who finished special math school No. 1235 in Moscow in 1994, and graduated from the department of superconductors of MEPhI. He worked at the Institute of Physics and Technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences from 1998 onwards. In 2002, he received his PhD in Physics and got a position as senior researcher at the Institute at the research laboratory for physics of quantum computers. Concurrently, he developed his religious career. In 1999, he became a sexton at a church, then taught religion in a Sunday school for children at Moscow’s Novospassky monastery. He also studied at the Moscow religious seminary from 2002 to 2004. In 2009, he became a monk and received his PhD in Theology from the Moscow religious seminary.

      Priest Aleksandr Mazyrin (graduate of 1995) got his religious education at the Orthodox Svyato-Tikhonovsky Theological Institute (MA in Theology) in 2002. He became priest in 2006. Mazyrin received his PhD in Church History in 2012. Right now he holds the position of deputy chairman of the Research department in Contemporary History of the Russian Orthodox Church. He is also a member of several dissertation examination committees in a variety of religious academies.