Church seen from space

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  2. Храм из космоса
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  5. Orthodox view on technology and engineering - Co-existence - Complementarity
  6. 19-08-2018
  7. Фалина, Татьяна [Author]. Храм из космоса
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  9. Cosmonaut - Christian faith - Outer Space
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    1. This is an interview with astronaut Georgy Grechko. Grechko describes how in 1975, when he took photos of the Earth from space, he was later surprised to learn that he had photographed the Kazan Church in the Nizhny Novgorod region. He was finally able to visit this church in 2013. 

      Grechko explains that he had always been a Christian. He was a child during the Second World War, when Soviet people’s faith in God was especially strong : people wanted to live so much and felt so vulnerable. Faith helped them to overcome hardships.

      Many wonder how Grechko remains a Christian believer when he has a deep scientific education and a PhD in Mathematics and Physics. He himself thinks that belief in God is essential for scientists to save them from unethical research, for example research on weapons of mass destruction. He also thinks that there is no conflict between religion and science: both have their own place. Grechko believes that religion deals with more sophisticated problems than science. Grechko adds that he is both a scientist who does research and a Christian who tries to save souls.