About Space, Cognition and the Holy Mentor of Astronauts

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  2. О космосе, познании мира и святом наставнике космонавтом
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  7. Лев, Марина [Author]. О космосе, познании мира и святом наставнике космонавтов
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  9. Cosmonaut - Saint John of the Ladder - Outer Space - Space exploration - Russian Orthodox Church - spirituality - technology and spirituality
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    1. Hegumen Job states that the Russian Orthodox Church considers St. John of the Ladder to be the patron saint of cosmonauts, because the first human flight took place on 12 April, the anniversary of the saint. He points out that the Russian Orthodox Church has always approved of space discoveries and flights. Space flights help people get closer to God by seeing the beauty of the universe. They make people realize that the universe did not appear by accident but was created by God. Hegumen Job, however, believes that human long-distance flights, for example to Mars, will be very difficult to carry out, mostly because of the human psychological factor. Only highly spiritual people, thus true believers, will be able to spend several months in spaceships. Such people won’t have fear as they would know that the whole universe is created by the Lord, and that He controls it. A believer also understands that the human is at the centre of the universe, because humans are created in the image of God. Thus for such a person the flight will become an attempt to glorify the Creator. However, Hegumen adds, judging by the current state of spirituality in the world, people are not ready for long-distance flights yet.

      Hegumen Job stresses that people should think more about discovering God rather than discovering the material world. God did not say: "Study, know the Kingdom of Heaven and the world." He said: "Seek first the Kingdom of God." The main aspiration should be directed toward God, and the knowledge of the universe will follow. God can reveal many secrets only to those who truly love him, concludes Hegumen Job.