Orthodox Christianity, spirituality, and the “technological revolution.”

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  2. Православная духовность и «революция технологий»
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  5. Orthodox view on technology and engineering
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  7. Вафидис, Эмилиан [Author]. Православная духовность и «революция технологий»
  8. Православная энциклопедия «Азбука веры»
  9. church and technology - Monastery - monasticism - technology
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    1. <p>Вафидис, Эмилиан (2000). Православие духовность и «революция технологий». <em>Православная энциклопедия «Азбука веры»</em>. Retrieved from: <a href="https://azbyka.ru/otechnik/Emilian_Vafidis/pravoslavnaja-duhovnost-i-revolyutsija-tehnologij/">https://azbyka.ru/otechnik/Emilian_Vafidis/pravoslavnaja-duhovnost-i-revolyutsija-tehnologij/</a> </p>
    1. Fr. Emilian argues that the technological revolution is a consequence of processes that happened much earlier in the past. In Eden, Adam did not need technologies to survive. Adam’s descendants created technologies after the Fall. This helped humans preserve their position of masters over other forms of life on Earth.

      The word technology comes from the Ancient Greek and means art, craft, and good. However, Fr. Emilian warns that there is a reasonable limit that one should not cross. One of the problems is that today’s technologies work to solve problems caused by other technologies.

      The Church and monasteries have always respected technological knowledge. Fr. Emilian argues that it is monasteries that saved technological knowledge from the Antiquity during the gothic invasions of Europe. Later on monasteries became centres of scientific progress. In Greece monasteries, two criteria have been established to help monks understand how they should position themselves with respect to the technological revolution. Firstly, moderation should keep monasteries from unnecessary bustling and not distract monks from their duties. Secondly, the practice of staying awake, vigilant and sober keeps the mind focused on useful information. Nowadays the postindustrial world is overwhelmed with information. However, all modern media distract the mind from thinking about serious matters.