On Traditional and Non-Traditional Medicine

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  2. О традиционной и нетрадиционной медицине
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  4. Asliturk, Miriam
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  6. 08-07-2018
  7. Кондратьев Федор [Author]. О традиционной и нетрадиционной медицине
  8. Церковь и Биоэтика: Церковно-общественный совет по биомедицинской этике при Московской Патриархии.
  9. Christian faith - pseudo-medicine - traditional medicine - Russian Orthodox Church - psychology - healing
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    1. The author argues that traditional medicine has already integrated all rational knowledge from non-traditional medical practice. While some non-traditional solutions using medicinal herbs etc. do sometimes bring positive results they are never as strong and efficient as traditional ones. It is possible that there is an alternative way of healing but once discovered it becomes part of the traditional medicine. Western medicine currently incorporates medical practices form other cultures, such as acupuncture. Thus acupuncture has transitioned from non-traditional to traditional medicine. 

      The author believes that non-traditional methods are efficient only due to the psychological influence of the healer, i.e. non-traditional medicine becomes a sort of psychotherapy. The effect of psychotherapy, such as hypnosis and placebo, has been known for centuries. It is based on a patient’s faith in the healer’s skills. For traditional religions, faith is belief in a God who is good and have faith in God’s will. Non-traditional faith is something contrary to God and this can only be the devil. In non-traditional practices one has to surrender to the will of the devil or consciously or unconsciously surrender to the will of someone who acts on behalf of the devil. This can bring positive results but they are temporary. Moreover, such healing has negative consequences, leaving the patient worse off than before the treatment. 

      As well, the author argues that there is no trustworthy clinical data on non-traditional healing, which is based on occult knowledge. It is thus important to know that traditional religions support traditional medicine. The Russian Orthodox Church respects traditional medical practices. The Church does not want to replace doctors but to help doctors and patients spiritually.