Biblical Anthropology and Medicine

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  2. Библейская антропология и медицина
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  4. Asliturk, Miriam
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  7. Горянов, Константин [Author]. Библейская антропология и медицина
  8. Церковь и Биоэтика: Церковно-общественный совет по биомедицинской этике при Московской Патриархии.
  9. medicine - biblical tradition - disease - treatment of disease - healing - Christian anthropology
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    1. The author maintains that it is hard to compare the Biblical view on medicine with today’s science. In the Bible we see generalized descriptions of diseases. The Bible teaches that diseases come as punishment for sins. At the same time the most important issue with diseases in the Bible is the damage that bodily diseases do to the human soul.

      The Bible doesn’t comment on human physiology and anatomy, it states that the human is made of two entities: the first is matter coming from Earth, the second is the divine eternal soul made in the image of God. However, the interaction of body and soul is not seen as that of two parts that make a human. The soul doesn’t live in the body but is an expression of the human body. Therefore, the human soul is life, and the source of life is God. The author compares this to a musical instrument during a concert, where the music is the soul and the instrument is the body. If body isn’t tuned correctly the soul can’t reveal itself fully. 

      The Bible does give instructions on how to deal with leprosy and specific ways of quarantine. It also elaborates on human hygiene. In general, the Bible emphasises the experience of patients during diseases and how they overcome challenges sent by God. The author points out that the Bible teaches respect toward doctors.