Why Should Medical Students Study Bioethics?

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  2. Зачем студенту-медику изучать биомедицинскую этику?
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  6. 04-07-2018
  7. Кураев Андрей диакон [Author]. Зачем студенту-медику изучать биомедицинскую этику?
  8. Церковь и Биоэтика: Церковно-общественный совет по биомедицинской этике при Московской Патриархии.
  9. homeopathy - allopathic medicine - abortion - euthanasia - surrogacy - bioethics - Russian Orthodox Church - Higher education
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    1. Kuraev believes that every doctor should have a clear ethical motivation in his/her profession: this is why medical students need courses in bioethics. Kuraev argues that people cannot base their actions by only listening to their own consciousness. Any person can negotiate with his conscience and silence it. Therefore, this education is necessary so doctors can individualize their approach for different people. For example, Christians are not supposed to fear death and therefore they should know if they die soon, this is a chance to think about why God put them in this position.

      Kuraev adds that the function of religion is to give meaning of life to people. Suffering is often part of human life and people are capable of overcoming hardship if they understand its goal and meaning. If a doctor can explain the meaning of pain to his patients, this can help the patient endure pain.

      Bioethics is important to answer questions such as the start of human life. The Russian Orthodox Church believes it starts at the moment of fertilization of the embryo and therefore abortion is murder. A doctor needs to understand why euthanasia is wrong, why surrogacy is harmful to the surrogate mother, and why AIDS is punishment for homosexuality, drug addiction, and prostitution.

      The Russian Orthodox Church sees disease as sent by God and it is wrong to see it as being sent by the devil or search for proof of the Evil Eye. Disease is a challenge that gives a chance to grow spiritually not only to the patient but for those looking after him/her. At the same time other people do not have the right to judge the ill because disease is a personal experience and no one can judge that, only God.

      Kuraev believes that homeopathy or acupuncture is fine unless these treatments imply pagan philosophical indoctrination.