Orthodox view on the main issues of bioethics

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  2. Православный взгляд на основные вопросы биоэтики
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  4. Asliturk, Miriam
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  6. 07-08-2018
  7. Закариадзе, А. [Author]. Православный взгляд на основный вопросы биоэтики
  8. Церковь и Биоэтика: Церковно-общественный совет по биомедицинской этике при Московской Патриархии.
  9. bioethics - abortion - organ transplantation - Russian Orthodoxy
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    1. This is an interview with Archimandrite Rafail (Karelin). Fr. Rafail believes that biomedicine is based on different principles and methods than religion. Biomedicine is characterized by relativism, making it easy to fall into pragmatism and materialism. Ethics deprived of religion becomes less humane. In bioethics one should see the human body as a structure and not just as matter. Fr. Rafail believes that the human body and its organs cannot be traded as goods on the market. It is important to keep the integrity of the human body after death as well for possible future resurrection.

      While reflecting on the question of abortion necessary to save a mother’s life, Fr. Rafail argues that Christianity demands sacrifice. There is no such a thing as comfortable Christianity, which is mere opportunism. It is a virtue if a mother sacrifices her life for her child. Doctors are never 100 percent sure if a fetus will die; therefore if one child out of a hundred comes to the world in good heath this makes abortion immoral. Sterilization, in his view, is a Nazi practice and should be banned everywhere. It is violence over the human body and the profanation of marriage.