Metropolitan Hilarion: What is the Connection Between Physics and Theology?

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  2. Митрополит Илларион: какая связь между физикой и теологией?
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  4. Asliturk, Miriam
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  6. 10-07-2018
  7. Липич, Ольга [Author]. Митрополит Иларион: какая связь между ядерной физикой и теологией?
  8. Русская Православная Церковь. Отдел внешних церковных связей.
  9. Russian Orthodox Church - academic theology - Higher education - Russian Universities - Modern physics - physics and theology
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    1. This is an interview with metropolitan bishop Hilarion, director of the Graduate Program of the Religious Academy and Head of the International Affairs Department of the Russian Orthodox Church. He speaks about the connection between physics and theology. In 2014, the Moscow National Research Nuclear University (NRNU) held a conference on Simeon the New Theologian (949-1022 AD). Theologians, historians, philosophers, philologists, and musicologists participated in the conference. In 2012, NRNU opened a department of theology to promote dialogue between science and religion. Science students can take courses on the history of Christian ideas, contemporary history of religion, sociology of religion, language as a cultural phenomenon, as well as scientific methods in culture. This program is supposed to help students see the world holistically, consider philosophical questions beyond their scientific areas of research, and see how culture conditions scientific knowledge.