Professor in the field of nuclear physics, Vladislav Olkhovsky: "The whole universe is created for man"

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  2. Профессор в области ядерной физики Владислав Ольховский: «Вся вселенная создана под человека»
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  6. 03-10-2018
  7. Ольховский, Владислав [Author]. Профессор в области ядерной физики Владислав Ольховский: «Вся вселенная создана под человека»
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    1. <p>Ольховский, Владислав (2011). Профессор в области ядерной физики Владислав Ольховский: «Вся вселенная создана под человека». <em>Православие.Ru.</em> Retrieved from: <a href=""></a> </p>
    1. This is an interview with Dr. Vladislav Olkhovsky, Sc. D., professor of nuclear physics and practicing Orthodox Christian. Olkhovsky argues that science and theology complement each other and represent different facets of the same truth. He also believes that the Spirit gave life to both matter and life, and in particular human life, which, according to Olkhovsky is the ultimate goal of the Spirit.

      The scientist has been frequently attacked by atheist colleagues for holding these views. He argues that in Ukraine, compared to Europe, there is much more hostility and prejudice toward creationism and towards scientists who believe in God in general. Olkhovsky sees God as a great mathematician and physicist. Human beings, according to him, need to learn mathematics in order to understand and formulate the laws of nature.

      Olkhovsky points out that science, in particular physics, and religion are very close. Quantum mechanics is full of paradoxes, which reflect the multifaceted nature of truth. For example, the wave and particle seem incompatible, but not for quantum physics where they are the same object. The Bible is also full of paradoxes and antinomies. For example, the Bible sees Christ as both God and man. It also speaks of strength, which manifests itself in weakness and so on.

      Regarding creationism, Olkhovsky notes that Darwin himself spoke more about the development of species than their origin. Nor did raise the question of how the biosphere was created. At the same time the transition of the simplest species to more complex ones, according to Olkhovsky, cannot be explained, because there are no transitional species in nature. He adds that other of Darwin’s hypotheses have not been confirmed even 150 years after the publication of his book, which Olkhovsky finds significant. Olkhovsky also believes that the Big Bang theory is not complete yet and needs to be developed.

      Olkhovsky posits that an important indirect evidence of the existence of God is the anthropic principle. The whole universe is created for man because only a slight change in the way the universe is organized would eliminate all possibility of life on Earth. Before the Fall, the scientist points out, there was no notion of time. After the Fall, the destruction of the Earth began in accordance with the second law of thermodynamics. It is possible, however, to restore eternal time by glorifying God. In this eternity, which will eventually be realized, there will be a place for the material world.