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  7. Православная физика
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    1. This is a book review published on Kristix.ru, a web resource devoted to problems of Orthodox Christianity in Russia. The article dwells on the recently published book by Sergei Doronin on religion and quantum physics entitled Quantum Magic

      The review is highly critical of Doronin’s approach. In his book, Doronin, a renowned scientist at the Institute of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, popularizes the latest achievements of quantum physics while emphasizing its metaphysical character. Namely, he dwells on the relativity of such categories as space and time, pointing out that there are no limits not only to technical progress, but also to the inner development of the human personality. Doronin thus concludes that quantum physics can explain many phenomena described in the Bible and other Christian texts, for example anti-gravitational effects such as Jesus walking on the water, levitation of Church Fathers, etc.

      The author of the review views the above points as highly problematic. He underlines that Doronin in his book uses reliable scientific data alongside “half-truths” and a religious narrative that tries to draw intellectuals toward religion and in particular toward the Russian Orthodox Church. The author believes that Doronin’s efforts are in vain and represent a good example of how religion can deform the consciousness of a scientist. He concludes sarcastically that such primitive reasoning would have surprised even Isaac Newton, who was a believer, but still refused to take into account "walking on water" and "levitation of saints" in his scholarly work.