Quantum Physics Confirms the Divine Being

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  2. Квантовая физика подтверждает божественное бытие
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  6. 19-08-2018
  7. Кульков, Сергей Андреевич [Author]. Квантовая физика подтверждает божественное бытие
  8. Радонеж.Ру
  9. quantum physics - Big Bang - Кананин, Андрей
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    1. This is an interview with Andrei Kananin, philosopher and cosmologist, who sets out to confirm, using the theory of quantum physics and other recent discoveries, the main provisions of the Holy Scripture. The interview with him was conducted by Alexander Artamonov, a reviewer of Radonezh radio station.

      Kananin argues that recent discoveries in the field of quantum physics confirm the spiritual origin of the world. He claims that currently all advanced physicists, cosmologists, and astrophysicists recognize that the universe does not consist of separate parts, but represents a harmoniously organized whole.

      Quantum physics, Kananin posits, is based on three basic principles:

      1) In quantum theory, the world is not ruled by certainty, but by probability. That is, the anomalies of particle motion are not impossible, but unlikely. In our world, unlikely phenomena, as a rule, do not happen. In the quantum world, it is possible. Moreover, the very origin of the universe should be recognized as a unique and unusual event. Perhaps the Big Bang itself was a quantum transition of one state of matter to another. This is what the Bible describes as the origin of the world: an extraordinary event outside of time and not limited by it, realized in accordance with God's Will.

      2) The second fascinating quantum effect is the interconnection of particles. The change in one quantum system has an immediate effect on the other. Thus, quantum physics proves that everything in the world is interconnected.

      2) The quantum method requires an observer, a human being. A particle, a quantum, does not occupy any definite position in the material world until someone looks at it. That is, as long as someone does not observe a quantum particle, it is impossible to say where it exists and at what speed it moves. This last quality means that humans somehow “bring the reality into being” by their spiritual presence in the world. Consequently it is logical to assume that in our world there is an Entity that influences it. Physicists have called such an entity a “Super-Observer”. People who are unfamiliar with quantum physics would just use the term God or Creator.

      These quantum physics basics confirm that there is always an alternative in the world. An alternative means freedom of choice. Kananin concludes that in this way, quantum physics challenges the determinism which used to prevail in the scientific world and which is still the major point of view of Protestants.