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  7. 28-10-2017
  8. Popovic, Miroslav [Interviewee]. Dr Miroslav Popovic: Natural Sciences and Theology are not Contrasted
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  11. 28/10/2017
    1. As the Radio Slovoljubve always hosts people in the field of religion, but more commonly, people of science as well, the invited guest for the October 19th, 2017 radio show was Dr Miroslav Popovic, a theologian, physicist and chemist.

      The radio host initially accentuated that Dr Miroslav Popovic is not the only theologian who has another diploma; however, what is unusual is that he has diplomas in physics and chemistry. Dr Popovic acknowledged that it is more common that a theologian has a diploma close to his field, but on the other hand natural sciences and theology have much in common. Natural sciences focus on the creation and the creator, whereas theology does the same and try to better understand the creator through the creation. In addition, natural sciences may help methodologically so that theology is observed more critically. Generally, there are no contrasts, all was created by God.

      Dr Popovic adds that among physicists there are many religious and well-read people devoted to theology. The very nature of a person who studies natural sciences is in some aspects God-searching.

      Where science and theology both show interest is the field of cosmology, that is the genesis of the world, and the second is evolution, then contiguous phenomena of life and death – founding levels of anthropology that are discussed in natural sciences.

      Dr. Popovic in that sense does not acknowledge complete pervasion between science and theology, since they belong to different fields. However, they do have many aspects that permeate, and there is overlapping.