Mihajlo Pupin: From Physical to Spiritual Reality

  1. Lemma
  2. Mihajlo Pupin: od fizicke do duhovne realnosti
  3. Serbian
  4. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
  5. Key thinkers - Modes of interaction - Culture and national identities - History and philosophy of science
  6. 28-9-2017
  7. Radio Show Hram
  8. Radio Televizija Srbije
    1. Pupin, Mihajlo
  9. Pupin, Mihajlo - Saint Sava
  10. 1/1/2017
    1. The author and host of the radio show, Dušanka Zeković welcomed Aleksandra Ninković Tašić, the president of the educational-scientific society that bears the name of Mihajlo Pupin and the author of the exhibition “Mihajlo Pupin: From Physical to Spiritual Reality” that was opened in September 2015 at the Museum of History in Belgrade, having been visited by more than 12,000 people. 

      Aleksandra Ninković Tašić first spoke about the magnificent path of a peasant boy who went to America in quest of knowledge – he reached America after weeks on a boat in a tiny shirt and with five cents in his pocket, but dedicated to his mission to gain knowledge.

      The zeal of the exhibition visitors proved that what created the best works along with divine inspiration cannot disappear, and that is the legacy of Mihajlo Pupin.

      Ninković Tašić, along with the autobiography by Pupin From Immigrant to Inventor, mentions the book New Reformation where he referred to world’s scientists of strong faith and by the means of psalms explained light and sound. Man can create earthly things, but the laws according to which stars and planets move are a part of the entail divine nature.  Pupin therefore wrote that the faith of his mother led him to science and he hoped that his science will bring people to the faith of his mother.

      Further on, the author of the exhibition explained that without Pupin modern technology would not be possible. His patents have influenced the development of telecommunications – each phone out of three essential components has the two that are Pupin’s patents. In addition, without Pupin roentgen could not have been used for medical purposes. He has enabled the entire human kind to use it because before him, it was never used except on dead bodies.

      What the author also points out is that in the autobiography, Pupin declared himself as the man of Saint Sava’s path. He firmly stated (also in New York Times once) that Saint Sava was important for the entire human kind because he made the first educational system in Europe by educating boys in monasteries and he was the one accountable for the environment in which his nation could have opened horizons by faith and knowledge.

      The exhibition was very significant because it revealed the divine inspiration behind the scientific creation of Mihajlo Pupin and how his faith led to science and vice versa. It sparked the interest to investigate Pupin’s legacy in the quest of religious thoughts as well.