Biblical and Genetic Code Harmony

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  2. Harmonija izmedju biblijskog i genetskog koda
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  4. Stevanovic, Aleksandra
  5. Orthodox theological tradition and practice - Orthodox theological tradition and practice > Biblical interpretation
  6. 5-9-2016
  7. Rakocevic, Miloje [Author]. Science, Religion, Society. 138–152, The Rationality of the Original Religious Consciousness by the Examples from the Bible
    1. Rakocevic, Miloje
  8. Bible and genetic code - genetic code
    1. The initial hypothesis is that natural systems represent different aspects and/or methods of the optimal harmony (coherence) achievement, which implies their determination is the best possible – symmetry, harmony, and proportion. Likewise, it is assumed that the structure of Holy Books is made after the same principles of real natural systems. In order to have it achieved, there should have been the awareness of it; therefore, it remains unresolved to what extent the authors have had such awareness. Consequently, the structure of the Bible and the structure of genetic code are compared in this paper. The aim is to prove the rationality of the original religious consciousness and show the correlation between the structure of the Bible and the genetic code structure.

      Genetic code is comprised of two “alphabets”, according to the author, – one 4-letter (out of which 64 three-letter words are generated) and one of 20-letter. Some of these 20 “letters” (amino acid molecules) are coded once, some twice or more, so in total, there are 61 coded amino acid molecules, with 594 atoms in their side rows (“bodies”). On the other hand, in the Bible (Old and New Testament) there are totally 1189 chapters, that is, 1188 + 1, where this 1 chapter is the middle one. Thereby, the Bible is comprised of 594 chapters before the middle one and 594 chapters after it (1188 = 2 x 594). The number of chapters in one half of the Bible equals the number of atoms in the “half” (only in the “bodies”) amino acid molecules of genetic code. The author also presents the number of atoms in the genetic code constituents, corresponding to the positions of the particular chapters in the Bible. It has hence been shown that the regularities in the biblical structure shaping, strictly correspond to one very specific arithmetic system, determined by perfect and friendly numbers, which also applies to genetic code.

      In the paper, the author compares the structure of the Bible and the structure of the genetic code in many examples, providing tables and methods implied in the correlation, thus providing proof for the initial hypothesis. This harmony of the structure of Bible on one, and the structure of genetic code on the other side, confirms that in both cases it is about correspondence to universal code for which it must be assured that parts within the wholeness are organized in the best possible harmony and which is characterized by the unity of symmetry, harmony, and proportion. The author precisely and scientifically analyzes, through numbers, why in particular part of the Bible particular entries are given, and provides evidence to support his idea about coding in the creation of the Bible. The rational strategy is evident both in the case of researching genetic code and creating-completing the Bible. Of course, whether it can be the case of divine inspiration stays outside the domain of science and an open question. The paper is found very significant for its exploration of the biblical structure through scientific method and rationality, so that it proves that science and religion have had to correlate, even in the creation of the Holy Books.