The Discussion on the Darwin’s Theory

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  7. 23-5-2017
  8. Panel on the Fight for the Survival o Darwin in Serbia
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    1. Darwin, Charles (1858)
  10. Tarasjev, Aleksej - Stojković, Biljana - Darwinism - Creationism
  11. 30/8/2017
    1. The centre for the Promotion of Science has held a discussion on “Fight for the Survival of Charles Darwin”. One of the messages of the discussion participators was that Darwin is necessary, otherwise there is no contemporary biology. Aleksej Tarasjev from the Institute of Biology Research “Sinisa Stankovic” found it unbelievable that some linguists from the Faculty of Philology cannot understand the analogue: for instance even though languages have evolved from the same root, languages themselves do not evolve one into another now. The same goes for monkeys and men.

      The evolutionary biologist Biljana Stojkovic  from the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, stated that new results are being incorporated into the theory of evolution and confirm it in many ways.

      Another participant, Andrej Jeftic, from the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, University of Belgrade, pointed that theology does not perceive the theory of evolution as an attack on Christianity and therefore there is no need to defend it from Darwin’s theory. He added that undoubtedly he perceives God as the Creator of life, but the Holy Scripture does not explain the evolution of the world scientifically since scientific explanation of the creation of the world was not the aim of it.

      The conclusion of the panel was that Darwin’s theory ought to be fought for, but what has to be achieved is also the scientific literacy among scholars.