Who and why controverts Darwin?

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  6. 8-5-2017
  7. Who and why controverts Darwin?
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  10. 30/8/2017
    1. On the news that the petition on the Evolution Theory revision was signed by 52 academicians, the Executive Board of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU) has declared that only two signatories are from the Academy. The Theory of Evolution has been called into question by 166 people, among whom there are academicians, professors, PhDs, MDs, lawyers, philosophers, artists, journalists and priests.

      Only two members of the Academy have supported the stance that man has not originated as presented by Charles Darwin. SANU says that they have the right to it, but that the majority takes different stance.

      The major part of the academicians adheres to science and believes what biology and all other sciences confirm, and that is primarily, not a theory but the science of evolution. According to Vladimir Stevanović from the Department of Chemistry and Biology Sciences of SANU, everyone can believe and nobody can prevent it, but science is what the entire world is based on.

      The stance contradicting this view was obvious in the 2004 initiative by the Minister of Education and Sports Ljiljana Čolić who claimed that the Theory of Evolution has never had scientific proofs and that that the theory on the origin of man itself should be revised and that man is the crown of God’s creation.

      According to the Dean of the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade Željko Tomanović, the petition says that children should get familiar with contemporary religious knowledge, but this cannot be mixed with science, biology and other natural sciences. There is religious education taught and whether it should be taught at high schools and universities the state should decide on.

      However, the petitioners expect the Ministry of Education, SANU, Parliament and the universities to discuss these matters.