Is it the End to Darwin in Serbia?

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  2. Da li je Darvinu odzvonilo u Srbiji?
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  7. 2017
  8. B92 [Author]. Is it the End to Darwin's Theory in Serbia?
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    1. Darwin, Charles (1858)
    2. Rončevic, Radmilo
  10. Creationism - Evolution - petition 2017
  11. 30/8/2017
    1. Science has long ago supported Darwin’s theory; however, in Serbia, there are some initiations on how to revise it.

      The petition seeking to revise the theory of evolutions by the retired plastic surgeon Radmilo Roncevic, who claims that the theory is based on speculations, has been supported by more than one hundred and fifty intellectuals.

      However, petition has not any relation to science is what claims the professor of evolutionary biology, Biljana Stojkovic, stating that it represents nothing more but another assault of the creationists, who see the world as God’s creation.

      Despite this, the initiator of the petition claims that the Church is not behind the petition and calls for public debate. In addition, he states that it is a very important question of national importance since the way children would perceive man and his creation, matters.

      Stojkovic, on the other hand, does not see this attempt as capable of harming science, but it can impair educational system.

      Zarko Korac from the Parliament Committee of Education does not find the petition debating reasonable since one day someone may ask for a Newton theory to be excluded. Scientific Board should discuss scientific matters, not the Parliament, according to him. He regards the petition ridiculous since it demands a scientific theory to be excluded.