The created nature, as biologists see it. Behavior and feelings of animals

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  2. Сотворенная природа глазами биологов. Поведение и чувства животных
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  4. Saprykin, Dmitry
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  6. 2014
  7. Жданова Татьяна [Author]. Behavior and feelings of animals.
  8. Поведение и чувства животных : Behavior and feelings of animals
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    1. The author of the monograph aims to prove that the world of the living is not organized in the form of a chain "from simple to complex." In this part of the monograph Zhdanova refers to the study of the behavior and feelings of animals.

      As the author states, scientists have discovered that many animals are capable not only of learning, but also of elementary rational activity. Even insects with their tiny brain have these abilities and opportunities, which play an important role in the behavior of animals. Though losing in their anatomical complexity to vertebrates, they at the same time often win conditional competition due to magnificent memory, mathematical "talent", abstract thinking and other remarkable abilities. Therefore, any reason to oppose the behavior of invertebrate beings to the so-called "higher" animals is eliminated.

      Numerous observations by naturalists also testify to the ability of animals to show spiritual qualities. Among them, responsiveness, friendship, loyalty and many others. Some representatives of the animal world are even able to perform altruistic acts, when disinterested care is accompanied by a danger to one's own life. In all species of animals possessing these qualities, they are genetically secured and inherited.

      The author concludes that for life on earth, animals are given not only extremely complex behavior, but also a "living soul": let the earth produce a living soul according to its kind (Genesis 1, 24), and each of them was created by the perfect Creator with great wisdom and love.