The Holy Fire Miracle

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  6. 25-05-2012
  7. Московский Александр [Author]. The Holy Fire Miracle
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  9. Holy Fire
    1. This article describes the experiment of conducting radiophysical measurements during the Holy Fire descent in the Holy Sepulcher Church of Jerusalem right next to the Kuvuklia in April 2008, aimed at scientific study of the Holy Fire's nature.

      The original complex of measuring equipment was made by the head of the Ionic System Laboratory of the Kurchatov Scientific Center Andrei Volkov. Measuring and recording equipment consists of three units: an antenna unit, a digital oscilloscope, a compact computer (laptop).

      For the first time in history, at the moment of the Holy Fire descent, a powerful radio pulse emanating from Kuvuklia was instrumentally recorded. In the subsequent analysis (frame-by-frame viewing of the recorded oscillograms), three explicit bursts in the electromagnetic radiation spectrum were detected, which could be treated as signals of the long-wave emission spectrum, that is, as traces of electrical discharges. The power of its source, according to A.Volkov, is commensurable with the power of a small electric welding machine, which it would be impossible to bring in the temple during the service.

      On the basis of the measurements carried out, it can be concluded, the author writes, that at the moment of the Holy Fire descent one or several powerful electric discharges occur, which, apparently, are the cause to fire the candles. The source of accumulation of the high power electric potential is reliably unknown.

      "As a possible preliminary hypothesis, we point out that during the measurements a distinct sound resonance was observed in the performance of hymns and choral prayers, especially strong in the performance of hymns by Christians of Arab origin. Such a resonance can cause a piezoelectric effect and lead to the appearance of a significant electrical potential. "