Is there an alternative to the Darwinian concept of evolution?

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  2. Существует ли альтернатива дарвиновской концепции эволюции?
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  6. 01-2000
  7. Московский Александр [Author]. Is there an alternative to the Darwinian concept of evolution?
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  9. Мейен Сергей - nomogenesis - Evolution
    1. The author of the article questions the scientific status of the Darwinian evolution concept with its unsolvable problem of insignificant probability of simultaneous favorable mutations occasional coincidence, and tries to find an alternative explanation for the driving force of biological evolution through the theory of nomogenesis discovered in works of Russian biologists LS. Berg, N.I. Vavilov, A.A. Lyubishchev, S.V. Meyen.

      According to the nomogenesis theory, the evolution process is basically logical in spite of the multitude of manifested random factors. Meyen, as the author notes, has succeeded proving that there objectively exists a system of living forms, just as there is a nomenclature of elementary particles and chemical elements, which is a manifestation of some universal law determining the spectrum of permissible forms of the living.

      It is possible to think, the author believes, that "the ensemble of the living forms is all assigned simultaneously as a whole set of solutions of a certain biological analog of fundamental physical equations. And this happens long before the real process of biological evolution can begin anywhere ("selection before evolution"). The author draws a parallel here with a quotation from the Old Testament, "God created all things at once" (Sir. 18, 1), as well as with the statements of Christian theologians Gregory of Nyssa and St. Augustine: "the creation was simultaneous: the whole aggregate of things arose in an instant".

      Thus, the evolution process, according to Moscovsky, is not generating of some species from other by means of chaotic mutations, but a successive passage, step by step, of the staircase of possibilities and, at the same time, a diffluence along the multidimensional field of admissible variations in the plane of one evolutionary stage.