The created nature, as biologists see it

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  2. Сотворенная природа глазами биологов
  3. Russian
  4. Saprykin, Dmitry
  5. Scientific theories and disciplines > Biology - Education, Science and Orthodoxy
  6. 2012
  7. Жданова Татьяна [Author]. The created nature, as biologists see it.
  8. Сотворенная природа глазами биологов. : The created nature, as biologists see it.
  9. Evolution
    1. The book is a collection of factual material demonstrating the created nature perfection as the result of the Divine Providence.

      The author believes that with all the abundance of various biological laws, principles and theories, knowledge about the living world as a whole is kind of chaotic. Due to the crisis of biological science, modern curricula in biological disciplines are built, like a century ago, on the principle of persistent propaganda of the materialistic line "from the simplest to the complex and from monkey to human." In this regard, many knowledge that contradict this principle, remain outside the textbooks, for example, knowledge of the organism structure expedience, the purposiveness of processes occurring in them and in behavior of living beings.

      Knowledge of the life purpose, of specific predestination, specific areas of animal activity, their "occupations", habitats, biological environment and commonwealth laws, the genetically conditioned structure of each organism and the species-specific behavior of animals, given to all the living beings by the Creator, according to the author, clearly show that the living world is not organized in the form of a chain "from simple to complex."

      The author sees the need for a new literature rich in factual material, which was intentionally left outside biological education, for books in which bright and convincing facts reveal in full the multifaceted manifestations of the living nature - this important source of God perception.