Metropolitan Kallistos Ware on Evolution

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  2. Metropolitan Kallistos Ware on Evolution
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  6. 11-5-2017
  7. Ware, (Metropolitan) Kallistos [Author]. Metropolitan Kallistos Ware on Evolution
  8. Metropolitan Kallistos Ware on Evolution
  9. Evolution - Darwinism - Malevitsis, Christos [Author]. On creation
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    1. Bishop Kallistos Ware answers a question about faith and science, particularly evolution. According to him, religion and science are working on different levels, following different methods and using different kinds of evidence. Scientists work on the evidence of their senses, whereas religion uses data written in the Holy Scripture and the Revelation.

      There are two different ways of arguing and there is no need for any conflict between them if both can be properly understood. This is because they answer different kinds of questions. Scientists on one hand answer the question of what there is in the universe and how the universe came to existence. On the other hand, religion studies why the world is created and what the purpose of life is, questions which science cannot answer.

      Scientists claim that it is possible for God to work through evolution, meaning he didn’t create everything as it is now, but is working on Creation during the process of existence. Christians, do not believe this. Advertently they believe that God created us in his image, and that we cannot be evolved superior apes.

      Given the circumstances, evolution cannot be denied. There is simply too much evidence. Instead, religion should understand that science helps it and embrace this relationship, as it explains things. Unfortunately, though, there is a distinction between the two.