Evolution or creation. What the science says

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  2. Еволюция или сътворение. Какво казва науката
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  4. Nachev, Ivaylo
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  6. 21-4-2016
  7. Свиленов, Дечко [Author]. Evolution or creation. What the science says
  8. Еволюция или сътворение. Какво казва науката (Evolution or creation. What the science says) - Sofia: Slunce, 2006.
  9. Darwinism - Creationism - Bible narrative of Creation
    1. This popular science book discussed the evolutionist-creationist controversy, making a critical overview of the evolutionist argumentation in various branches of the natural sciences, including biology, chemistry and geology. The authors supported the creationist concept of the origin of life and humankind.   

      The authors were motivated by the fact that the evolutionist theory has been studied in most schools and universities around the world “as a science” which forms the worldview of many generations. In contrast, the biblical teaching is presented as a legend (medieval, unscientific way of thinking) that is accepted only by religious and uneducated people. However, many of the recent scientific results in various disciplines do not support the evolutionist theory, according to the authors.  The book is aimed at the broad public where specialized studies are not so well understood.  In addition, the distorted perception of scientific concepts often has had bad consequence, including evolutionist ideas in bioetics or totalitarian ideologies. Moreover, the examination of biology textbooks from various countries showed contradictions and old interpretations of the evolutionist theory, according to the authors.

      In various parts of the book were examined different aspects of the evolutionist theory and the Biblical teaching of creation. The authors also took a closer look at different explanations about the emergence of life from the sphere of cell biology, genetics, paleontology and others. They denounced among others evolutionist concept of accidental emergence of life as statistically impossible, and critically examined the concept of natural selection.