Evolutionary struggles: Anti and Pro Darwin

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  2. Еволюционни борби: Анти и Про Дарвин
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  4. Nachev, Ivaylo
  5. Scientific theories and disciplines > Biology
  6. Чипев, Константин [Author]. Evolutionary struggles: Anti and Pro Darwin
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  8. Darwinism - Intelligent Design - Creationism
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    1. The article discussed recent scientific debates, taking place mostly in the USA, around various currents of Darwinism and opponents of the evolutionary theory. The focus is on biological and microbiological processes and arguments.

      Chipev devoted most of the article to the ideas of some of the well known contemporary proponents of neo-Darwinism and to the supporters of Intelligent Design, described as a version of Creationism. There were also examined various opinions within Darwinism nowadays, including radical supporters and a group which questions applicability in social and psychological phenomena.

      The author indicated skepticism towards supporters of Intelligent Design who in his opinion in essence often hide religious views behind scientific-like style of argumentation. Some comments were also made on effects on the educational system and attempts to adjust legislation in the USA.