Unity of religion and science in the face of civilization global crisis.

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  2. Единство религии и науки перед лицом глобального кризиса цивилизации.
  3. Russian
  4. Saprykin, Dmitry
  5. Complementarity - Ecology and the environment - Education, Science and Orthodoxy
  6. 2001
  7. Панкратов А В [Author]. Unity of religion and science in the face of civilization global crisis.
  8. Международные Образовательные Рождественские чтения
  9. teleological principle
    1. http://www.synergia.itn.ru/kerigma/rek-lit/nauka/pan/stat/pan02.htm
    1. The author discusses the relationship between religion and science as an educational worldview issue, and also as a problem of a practical matter – the need to create a new education system aimed to overcome the current crisis which is related to hope for scientific and technological progress and for man in solving all the civilization problems. The cause of the crisis, according to the author, is that civilization has developed such a world view - "technogenic arrogance", which is incompatible with the very existence of civilization.

      The author speaks about the need for a new methodology of scientific knowledge: cognition of life as the goal of nature, - using of the teleological principle, teleological interaction - the fifth, complementary to the existing four. The objective, acting in the world, expresses the presence of some Higher power, controlling the nature, which is manifested through the objective. The author thus argues that the scientific knowledge is possible based not only on a single Newtonian approach, but also on a new one, the teleological one. In this sense, the author claims, one can speak about the unity of religion and science, and about the creation of a new world picture, scientific in origin and religious in nature.

      Science is able to show the existence of the Higher Power and its power, says the author, but it is impossible to show by means of science that this power is Love. In terms of the task of forming an ecological worldview contributing to overcome the global crisis, the science resources are enormous. In fact, this is what we need to begin with, the author concludes, the upbringing of a sense of the Higher Power presence in the world, humility before It and renunciation of human pride, and a sense of absolute domination in the world.