Anthropic cosmological principle and the Christian anthropocentrism.

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  2. Антропный космологический принцип и христианский антропоцентризм.
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  4. Saprykin, Dmitry
  5. Modes of interaction - Co-existence - Scientific theories and disciplines > Cosmology- Anthropic principle
  6. 1999
  7. Гоманьков Владимир [Author]. Anthropic cosmological principle and the Christian anthropocentrism.
  8. Той повеле, и создашася. Современные ученые о сотворении мира. : He commanded, and it stood fast. Modern scientists on the world creation.
  9. Anthropocentrism - Anthropic principle
    1. The author compares Christian anthropocentrism with the strong anthropic cosmological principle and discovers a man in both conceptions for whom the universe and its matter were created and developed. In addition, in both concepts man’s mission is to cognize the nature, that is, the universe. In Christian anthropology though, such cognition implicates the discovery of the Creator through His creations and veneration of Him as the preimage. In the anthropic principle, man acts only as a scientist ("observer"), and the Universe matter is considered to have been occasionally evolved for the appearance of man, using the exact nature laws.

      It remains a mystery, the author writes, how the "observer" who appeared after 15 billion years could affect the already formed universe, if the appearance of the universe itself is declared to be an accidental act. In this metaphysical interpretation, the anthropic principle makes a rather unfortunate alternative to the Divine design and creation.

      Naturally, this solidarity of the anthropic principle and the Christian anthropocentrism contradicts to the concept of so-called "creationism" rejecting the universe matter evolution and postulating the Creator’s non-interference in the created nature, including corporal person. Meanwhile, the anthropic principle indicates the exact parameters that led in the evolution process to the formation of matter from which both the habitat and the corporal man were created. Christian anthropocentrism additionally insists on the creation of its spiritual essence, ensuring the completeness and integrity of the human personality.