Discussion with Anton Semenov: is space exploration sinful?

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  2. Дискуссия с Антоном Семеновым: греховно ли освоение космоса?
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  6. 14-02-2017
  7. Моленко, Олег [Author]. Дискуссия с Антоном Семеновым: греховно ли освоение космоса?
  8. Проповедь Всемирного покаяния. Церковь Иоанна Богослова
  9. Outer Space - Space exploration - atheism - Religion - Early Church Fathers
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    1. This is an interview conducted by Anton Semenov with Father Oleg. Father Oleg believes that space exploration driven by vanity or theomachism is sinful. The same holds true for space exploration for military and political purposes as in this case it equals the construction of the tower of Babel. One of the first phrases Gagarin pronounced when he returned from his space flight was that there was no God in space. Space exploration was then purposely used to make people not believe in God. Thus Father Oleg believes that the root of sin is not in the exploration of space for its own sake but in the fact that people who lost faith in God encouraged exploration. These people are, in his view, theomachists who are incapable of repentance and are therefore demons in human form. God is to punish them for their sins.

      Father Oleg admits that space exploration did bring progress and innovations such as weather forecasts which are possible due to satellites. However, he believes that this does not justify the sinfulness of space exploration. People who were only putting stones in the foundation of the tower of Babel were sinful too without knowing it. Father Oleg claims that the negative effects of all these innovations become obvious in situations such as the Chernobyl disaster. Meteorology could have developed without space exploration and can function without satellites.

      At the same time, Father Oleg posits that religious people and the clergy can use these innovations if their actions are pleasing to God. He compares this to the Church Fathers, who “flew on demons”, though this did not make the demons less sinful. Father Oleg concludes by stating that soon we will see a complete collapse of this “so-called space”, which is filled with demons. It will disappear according to the prophecy.