Orthodox churches on Mars?

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  2. Православные храмы на Марсе?
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  4. Asliturk, Miriam
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  7. Варнин, Владимир [Author]. Православные храмы на Марсе?
  8. Русская народная линия информационно-аналитическая служба. Православие Самодержавие Народность.
  9. Outer Space - Russian Orthodox Church - astronomy - Space exploration
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    1. Planet Mars has necessary conditions such as water, minerals, and its surface temperatures that make human colonization of the planet possible. The author therefore believes that Orthodox Christians should think about their future on Mars. Notably, the Orthodox community should look into the question of building a society there based on Orthodox Christian principles.

      The author claims that today’s Russian astronauts are mainly Orthodox. The Russian Orthodox Church’s priests say a prayer before rockets start and the International Space Station has Orthodox icons on board. The author is convinced that Orthodox Christians will be the ones to make first steps on Mars. The Future colonization of Mars could therefore, in his view, be compared to the Exodus of Jews from Egyptian slavery, an exodus from the Earth that is full of sins. People in the past did not believe they could sail over the oceans but now they can. Likewise colonization of other planets is inevitable. The author thinks that God created an immense universe so that people in peace with God could populate far away planets.