A new representation of the world. Inter and transdisciplinary studies vol 5

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  2. Noua reprezentare a lumii. Studii inter- si transdisciplinare, 5
  3. Romanian
  4. Stavinschi, Alexandra
  5. Ethics - Scientific theories and disciplines > Biology - Various approaches to the problem of correlation between science and theology - Orthodox theological tradition and practice > Biblical interpretation - Orthodox theological tradition and practice > Patristic studies - Modes of interaction
  6. 2-2-2017
  7. Stavinschi, Magda [Editor]. A new representation of the world. Inter and transdisciplinary studies vol 5
  8. A new representation of the world. Inter and transdisciplinary studies vol 5
  9. transdisciplinarity - interdisciplinary dialogue - rationality - spiritual crisis - bioethics - Evolution - Creationism - calendar
    1. This volume gathers articles that were inspired by the same modern anxiety that strives to bridge the gap between reason and spirit. We live at a time when culture is being redefined. Modernity has taught us to separate it from life and ignore the natural link between knowledge and inner experience. The challenge now is to recover this necessary connection, to fill the gap between knowledge and life, in order to define ourselves properly and derive appropriate tools for building a better world both inside and outside of us.

      The contemporary dialogue between science and theology could be a serious candidate to become such an instrument only to the extent that it is able to reach the depths of inner life. It is certainly meaningful that many of those who manifested an interest in this area are in search of the wisdom that comes from the spiritual traditions. As a matter of fact, the religious and mystical traditions always represented a comprehensive context for meditating upon and experiencing life.

      The volume includes the following articles:

      Acad. Basarab Nicolescu: Heisenberg and the levels of reality; dr. Mircea Bertea: Education as a transrelation and resource and knowledge sharing ]; fr. dr. Doru Costache: The Darwin case: evolution and creationism- A historical and theological view-; dr. Gabriel Memelis: Reflections on the potential for a dialogue between sciences and theology; dr. Renata Tatomir: The concept of "eternity" in ancient Egypt- elements of compatibility with modern physics; Milan S. Dimitrijevic and Efstratos Theodossiou: The reform of the Julian calendar at the council of Constantinople in 1923; Archbishop Lazar Puhalo: Our changing paradigms - reality models as sources of conflict; Nicolae Grosu: Time, a physical quantity?; The International Congress "Science and orthodoxy, a necessary dialogue "; The abstracts of the papers presented at the congress; Short presentation of the participants.