Why did you become a Russian Orthodox priest?

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  2. Почему вы стали православным священником?
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  7. Мацан, Константин [Author]. Почему вы стали православным священником?
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    1. This is part of a collection of interviews with priests from different countries and cultures. Archpriest Maksim became an Orthodox Christian at the end of his studies at the Department of Experimental Physics of the National Research Nuclear University (NRNU). After graduating, Maksim worked in one of the secret research institutes and continued going to Church in Novospassky Monastery in Moscow. Archimandrite Aleksy Frolov suggested opening a Sunday school for children at the Church. This was during the turbulent 1990s, when Maksim did not see his career goals achievable. The state cut funding science and Maksim’s research interests in military physics could not be satisfied. His ardent activity at the monastery’s Church made the head of the monastery propose him to become a priest. Maksim cited the Bible when talking about becoming a priest. Notably he said that it was not his choice but God who chose. Being a priest means everything to him because he found his family through the Church, he works for a Russian Orthodox journal, and is involved in activities with the young.