Space exploration

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  2. Освоение космоса
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  7. Большанин, Андрей [Author]. Освоение космоса
  8. Московская Патриархия. Псковская Епархия. Храм святителя Василия Великого.
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    1. This is the answer of priest Andrei Bolshanin, rector of the temple Saint Basil the Great.of the Pskov Diocese, on a religious online resource. A reader of the forum asks a question about space exploration, whether the Church can bless expeditions to faraway stars that are hundreds of light years away because the new colonists would have to live for generations on a ship before reaching the planet.

      The reader asks as well whether it is good from the point of view of the Church to colonize Mars and change its nature to make it a habitable planet for humans: wouldn’t it be a sin to change God’s creation?

      Priest Bolshanin answers that the Church does not have a particular attitude to the question and treats it as any other technical solution for human life. According to him, God is everywhere in the universe, therefore there is nothing particularly sinful in space exploration. The Church can bless a spaceship and an expedition to the faraway planets. What is important for the Church is the moral judgement of the motives and aims of such expeditions.